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Florida Sharks Bully Local Residents

Beach in Florida

Bull sharks washed shoreward by Hurricane Ian have been terrifying local residents since the category 4 storm plowed a path of destruction throughout the sunshine state.  

The Florida Museum of Natural History's former director, George Burgess, claims it is "a juvenile shark...Young Bull sharks are common inhabitants of low salinity waters - rivers, estuaries, subtropical embayments - and often appear in similar videos in FL water bodies connected to the sea such as coastal canals and is likely this shark was swept shoreward with the rising seas."  

"My buddy just sent me a video of this this shark swimming down his back yard in Fort Meyers #hurricane #ian #hurricaneian" - @TruthsBeTolds

Fort Meyers is not the first city in which sharks have begun their takeover.  2017's Hurricane Harvey produced sharks swimming down residential streets in Houston and  2020's Hurricane Laura resulted in sharks taking over local flooded freeways in Louisiana.