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Frank Gore Expected To Play; Add Kendall Hunter Anyway

Frank Gore is going to get hurt. That's a certainty up there with death and taxes. And in the 49ers Week 3 game against the Bengals (which was a horrible game to watch, by the way), Frank made that certainty a reality when he turned an ankle.

Gore left the game intermittently and was spelled by the much more exciting Kendall Hunter.

According to 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh, Gore is "good to go" for Week 4, but we recommend picking up Kendall Hunter anyway. Think of it like an insurance policy that's definitely going to pay off.

While both backs haven't really lit it up this season (Gore has a 2.5 ypc, while Hunter is only slightly better at 2.7), but Hunter brings a level of excitement and change of pace to the 49ers offense that Gore hasn't had this year. Call it a spark, or a hunger, but it seems that since Gore got his new contract, he hasn't had the same explosiveness that he has in recent years. Maybe he's just hitting the dreaded running back wall.

Either way, it will take an injury to Gore to make Hunter their full-time back (they paid Frank too much money to let him sit on the bench), but Gore will almost assuredly miss a few games as the season drags on, and when he does, you'll have a pass catching, exciting back to slot in your flex position.

San Fran's offense isn't going to light up anyone for 35 points, but in a PPR league, Hunter would make a great addition to your starting lineup if and when he gets the #1 back role.