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A Great Reason To Miss The New York City Earthquake

I was IMing with a friend of mine who works in Manhattan when I heard about the 5.8 magnitude earthquake that hit New York City, Virginia and Washington DC. This was his response when I asked him if his building shook:

mikegeorge2: (1:11:02 PM) no
mikegeorge2: (1:11:03 PM) well
mikegeorge2: (1:11:07 PM) everyone's talking about it
mikegeorge2: (1:11:09 PM) but i didn't notice
mikegeorge2: (1:11:14 PM) because i'm eating a burrito
mikegeorge2: (1:14:56 PM) apparently everyone ran out of our buioding

You know you're eating a pretty good burrito when it can cause you to miss the biggest earthquake to hit NYC since 1944.

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