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How to Avoid a Shark Attack

Surfer prepares to enter Atlantic Ocean. 

Surfer prepares to enter Atlantic Ocean. 

We do not know too many people who have encountered a shark. We know even less who have been confronted by a shark face to face under water forcing them to jump into action and show the shark who's boss just to make it to dinner that night.  

OK, we know zero people confronted by sharks.  However, growing up in the bay area, home to one of the most famous great white shark breeding triangles, we learned to develop a great respect and in most cases a fear of sharks. We were always taught to punch the shark in the face to force its retreat. NOPE! Apparently peacocking is the best way to avoid a shark attack.   

See Video Here

The narrator of the clip explains "...we do not want to splash and swim away from sharks.  Splashing and swimming away imitates what prey does.  When we're dealing with top predators like sharks, we want to also act like a predator.  So what you actually want to do is not splash.  Turn around.  Face the animal and maintain eye contact.  With tiger sharks you can actually place your hand on the top of their head, push down gently and that will redirect them away from you."  

So the next time any of you find yourself face to face with a shark, don't even worry about it!  Stay calm! All you have to do is gently place your hand on it's head and push down and you're in the clear.  Sure.