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Jerome Simpson Really Enjoys Smoking Weed

Jerome Simpson apparently really loves smoking weed. Or maybe he's a pot dealer on the side. It's really hard to tell with Bengals players these days.

Cincinnati police intercepted a package that was sent from California to Simpson's house that contained two and a half pounds of marijuana. When the cops showed up to search the house they found six more pounds of pot inside the house along with Bengals fourth-year tackle Anthony Collins and an unamed woman.

So why would Jerome Simpson, an up-and-coming star receiver in the NFL have this much weed in his house? Well, the obvious reasons are simple: He loves smoking pot. Or, he loves the money he makes from selling pot.

But there's only one true answer to the question of "why would an NFL receiver (even if he's on the Bengals) take the risk of selling pot?" 

And that answer is: Because Jerome Simpson is an idiot.

Does he know how hard it is to get into the NFL? And is he also aware of how much money NFL players make? Maybe someone should show him one of his paychecks. Because the one big score he would get from selling 9 pounds of pot would be somewhere in the vicinity of $50-60 thousand dollars. And he has to split that with Collins and all the other participants, so his share will be what, $10,000. How does this make remotely any sense?

Jerome Simpson could make that much money with a few endorsements. And one of the major upsides of doing a few commercials is that the police won't come to your house and arrest you after you do them. And the NFL won't fine and suspend you, either. It's pretty much win-win.

The other upside of the whole "endorsements-instead-of-illegal-drug-running" is that you don't have the stress and worry of wondering when you're going to get caught (because most of the time, you're going to get caught).

Simpson was an up-and-coming star. He finished last year very strong and had continued his great play this season. Maybe it's a Bengals issue, since Cinci leads the league's locker rooms in arrests. Maybe this is how they go about hazing young players. Instead of taping them to a goal post, they make them get arrested for doing something extremely stupid and reckless.

Either way, a young player with a bright future is now a young player who might go to jail.