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Jim Rome is leaving ESPN to Join CBS in an "Expanded Role"

Jim Rome, the outspoken radio and TV personality is leaving ESPN for CBS Sports, according to reports.

ESPN had reportedly offered Rome a multi-year deal to keep his TV show "Jim Rome is Burning" with the worldwide leader in sports, but he declined and took a deal with CBS, who offered him an "expanded role". Seeing as Rome already had a daily TV show with ESPN, what an "expanded role" means for him at CBS is still unclear.

We're guessing he's going to take his trademark speaking voice (who is imitated by impressionists everywhere, including Frank Caliendo on Fox's Sunday Morning NFL show--which happens to go up against CBS' Sunday Morning NFL show) to do more TV and possibly more reporting.

Will CBS give him a more primetime platform? He's on at 4:30 every afternoon on ESPN (he's been on the station since 2004) so he might be looking for either a later time slot, or possibly his own show on Sunday morning.

According to James Andrew Miller, who authored the ESPN tell-all "Those Guys Have All the Fun" Rome makes an estimated $30 million a year from his radio show alone.

We will update as more information becomes available, or when a replacement for Rome is announced.

via TheBigLead