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J.J. Watt Makes Amazing Interception Against Bengals for the Houston Texans (Video)

J.J. Watt wasn't a household name before the Houston Texans' first playoff game against the Cincinnati Bengals.

But he will be now after making a game-changing and unbelievably athletic interception at the line of scrimmage off of Andy Dalton to put the Texans up 17-10 at the end of the first half.

The Bengals had moved the ball all day, but didn't have much to show for it. They were trying to drive down to get at least a field goal at the end of the first half, but J.J. Watt had other plans. At the line of scrimmage, Watt, who used to be a tight end for the Wisconsin Badgers showed off some amazing hands as he snatched Dalton's seemingly point blank pass out of the air after pushing off the offensive lineman, and Watt took it to the end zone with less than a minute left in the half.

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Watt needed oxygen after his 29-yard interception return for the touchdown. While Dalton was seen rolling his eyes, knowing that there was nothing he could do and that was just a top-notch play by Watt.

If the Texans go ahead to win this game, everyone will point to this play by Watt as the reason why. The Texans were getting beat in the momentum department before J.J.'s play.

To make matters worse, the Badgers, who J.J. Watt played for beat Andy Dalton's TCU Horned Frogs in their last college game against each other.