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Judge Declares Mistrial in Roger Clemens Perjury Case

The federal judge presiding over the Roger Clemens perjury case has declared a mistrial. The trial, which has had problems from the beginning with the jury, will now get a new jury.

The defense objected to the prosecutions use of information that had been declared un-usable by the judge. The content in question was Clemens' testimony from February 8, 2008 where he made numerous mentions of conversations between Andy Pettitte and his wife about the use of PEDs, specifically HGH.

And it seems as though the judge agreed with their objection.

The US District judge, Reggie Walton, was furious that a TV screen was left playing videotape of Roger speaking about HGH while the lawyers from both teams had approached the bench to discuss privately. That was when the video in question was showed to jurors.

It was the prosecutions job to edit those comments out, but they failed to do so. And it cost them.

This ruling should be seen as a big win for Roger Clemens and his defense team. There had been numerous reports stating that the Rocket was getting no love from the selected jury pool. A new jury could give him a much better chance of winning his perjury case against federal prosecutors.