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Mama Bear Tows Three Cubs Across Wisconsin's Lake Chippewa Flowage

Grizzly bear.

Grizzly bear.

Wisconsin natives and self-proclaimed wildlife enthusiasts, Dan and Nelda Powers, have experienced many a close encounter with wildlife, especially on Wisconsin's Lake Chippewa Flowage. 

However, during one of Dan and Nelda's famous sunset cruises, Nelda captured on film what many would describe as a once in a lifetime sight of a proud strong mama bear towing her three playful cubs across Lake Chippewa Flowage.

"A strong 'mama' bear was spotted carrying baby cubs on her back across a lake." Credit: Nelda Powers via Storyful 

See Video Here

Passing boaters can be heard in the video yelling "She's working so hard." and "Bless her heart!"  With no visible sense of urgency, this particular mama bear paddled right past the boaters to the shore and lead her three cubs into the wilderness.  We like to think these bears were just enjoying a soon to be famous sunset cruise of their own after enjoying a family day at the lake.  

Mama bears continue to amaze us.