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Manny Wants To Continue Being Manny; Requests Reinstatement

Manny Ramirez wants to play again. And who's surprised? The man who abruptly walked away from the game earlier this season after he was busted for a second time with PEDs has had second thoughts.

And this is just days after he was arrested on a domestic violence charge.

So the question goes out to all the baseball GMs right: Who's in the market for an over-the-hill baseball player who also happens to be full of female fertility drugs and needs to serve a 100-game suspension?

Anyone? Anyone? Didn't think so.

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Manny Ramirez isn't a calming, veteran presence you can bring into a young clubhouse. Manny Ramirez is a headache for any manager. He's the last thing a team needs.

Becaue right now, Manny, who will be one more year older is a .270 hitter with severely dimished power and not much speed who will turn every press conference for a team's manager and GM into a circus. Is that the kind of guy anyone wants or needs?

And Manny himself seems to realize this as well. He told ESPNDeportes, "If any team wants to sign me, I would play. But if no one wants to sign me, I would look to play in Japan or any other place. I was not prepared for retirement."

But the problem is, Major League Baseball seemed like it was ready for your retirement. And the thought of one of the greatest hitters in baseball history (who's legacy is already tarnished by steroids) opting to go over to Japan just to earn a paycheck is depressing.

But what else would you expect from Manny Ramirez?