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Mario Manningham (Concussion) Not LIkely To Play This Weekend; Go Get Victor Cruz

Mario Manningham, the Giants wide receiver who suffered a concussion in last week's game against the St. Louis Rams probably won't play this week against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Manningham didnt practice on Friday and is currently listed as Doubtful for the Giants this weekend. And with the way the NFL treats concussions, a player who isnt cleared to practice on Friday, probably won't miraculously recover in two days to put his brain in danger on the football field.

If you're a fantasy owner, Manninham's injury, coupled with the season-ending ACL tear suffered by Domenik Hixon means you should probably go get Victor Cruz off your waiver wire (if he's still there.)

Sure, the Eagles have a very solid secondary and Giants receivers aren't projected to light it up this weekend, but Cruz could be a good play for the rest of the year if Manningham's concussion symptoms linger. And if there's one thing we've learned about concussions, it's that they can definitely linger.

Cruz was a preseason darling last year, and put up some more good numbers again this year. But at this point, with Hakeem Nicks also banged up, someone has to catch balls on the Giants and it's looking more and more like Cruz's time to step in has finally come.

We'll keep monitoring Manningham's progress, but we'd put it at only a 10% chance he'll play this weekend, but the future could be in doubt as well.

Victor Cruz Fantasy Football Week 3 Prediction: 4 receptions for 67 yards, 1 touchdown.