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Matt Hasselbeck Signs With Tennessee Titans

NFL News:Matt Hasselbeck, arguably the top quarterback in the free agent market, has agreed to a deal with the Tennessee Titans.

Terms of the deal are currently unknown, but this signing fills a giant void for the srtuggling Titans. Tennessee is a team in a precarious position right now. They have a star running back who will only have a couple years of producing at a high level, so the Titan know they needed to win now. 

After the Titans veteran QB Kerry Collins retired earlier in the summer, Tennessee was behind the eight ball and desperately needed a veteran under center. If they had handed the team over to first round draft pick and rookie QB Jake Locker, it would mean another year or two (at minimum of rebuilding.) The Titans know they have to capitalize on Chris Johnson's explosive abilities right now if they want to go back to the playoffs. This is a great move for them and will give the fans hope for the future.

Hasselbeck, who is 35, played for the Seahawks for a decade and had various modicums of success. He led them to a super bowl in 2005, but lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This signing leaves three big-name QB on the free agent market: Kyle Orton and Kevin Kolb. Orton is rumored to land in Miami, while Kolb is expected to be traded to the Arizona Cardinals. We'll keep you updated as soon as they fall into place, which could be as early as today.