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The Media has Shown No Class in Dealing with Brian Urlacher's Tragedy


Why is the death of Brian Urlacher's mother in the news? Why is it that everywhere I turn, sports pundits on TV and radio feel the need to weigh in on their thoughts on whether Urlacher should or should not play this weekend against the Saints?

The death of Brian's mom should be something that Brian deals with privately. There was a time when media outlets wouldn't dream about discussing this on the air. Now, radio hosts feel as it is their right to give their opinions on how Brian Urlacher should deal with his tragedy. Well, it's not.

Is anything private anymore?

In a perfect world, this is a 20-second news piece about the tragedy and then it should be left alone. How do you think Brian feels hearing his mother's death bandied about across the AM dial like any other news topic? I'm sure he's not too happy about it. 

Is it a slow news week? Isn't there a brand new NFL season to discuss? Aren't the baseball playoffs right around the corner? Shouldn't there be other things to talk about?

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But this is the problem with the 24-hour news cycle. Everything needs to be discussed to the point of oblivion. If you listen to half the pundits, they will talk about this for 15 minutes, only to end their piece with the standard "But Urlacher should do anything he wants." Like that makes it OK.

As if the gross dissecting of the pros and cons of whether or not he should play while he's grieving the death of his mother can all be wiped away with a platitude before going off to commercial.

As if saying "we all feel for Brian at this time" makes up for the fact that you just spent 10 minutes talking openly about how whether the death of his mother should trump football right now.

If everyone really cared about the way Brian felt right now, maybe you shouldn't keep bringing up the death of his mother on national TV and radio. Because you're only making his time worse right now. Much, much worse.

The Bears season, while important to many, is not more important than family and family tragedy.  If we had a little more decency, we would have some perspective about what we choose to discuss and not discuss.

Brian Urlacher, or any player in the national football league, national hockey league, major league baseball--any player anywhere--should be able to deal with matters like this privately, without analysis and discussion for however long he or she needs to.

Football players and athletes everywhere give us so much. Let's give them a little bit back and show a little class and dignity when they need something from us.