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Michael Beasley Shoves Fan In Face At NYC Game (Video)

NBA News: Michael Beasley, the Minnesota Timberwolves 6-10 power forward, lost it on a heckler at a game in Baruch college yesterday. The heckler, who was a much smaller and fatter person, wouldn't stop calling out Beasley. Beasley kept motioning to the referee and security to get the guy removed, but they did nothing.

So Beasley walked over to him and nonchalantly took his face in his hands and shoved him. Which did a pretty good job of quieting the heckler, but it also did a good job of getting Michael escorted off the court.

It's been a lot of fun watching the NBA players play in all these games. With the NBA off their back (they technically aren't under the NBA's thumb--but what they do now can be held against them in the future), the NBA players seem freer to play like their back in a high school pick up game. And the crowds have been loving it. These NYC crowds put college basketball crowds to shame. There's cheering, chanting and people are coming halfway onto the court during the game. I think we should look into playing more NBA games in situations like these. Would you rather see the Knicks play at Madison Square Garden or would you rather watch them dodge fans as they try to start a full-court fast break? My vote goes to the Baruch College Knicks.

With the NBA lockout in full effect, it seems like players are happy to go back to their playground days. Earlier this week Kevin Durant dropped 66 points on a Harlem court, and John Lucas dropped 60 the next day.