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Michelle Williams to Play Marilyn Monroe, Joltin' Joe Says No


Michelle Williams is going to play Marilyn Monroe in an upcoming movie. We're not exactly sure why. Yes, she's a pretty good actress, but can she pull off the sultry, steamy sexiness that Marilyn exuded? We have yet to see it.

Michelle discusses her new role in the new issue of Vogue.

The movie, titled My Week With Marilyn, is set to hit theaters in November of 2011, also stars the ultra sexy Emma Watson. We know she's British, but we think Emma Watson exudes more of Marilyn's iconic sexiness than Michelle Williams. We wonder who Joe DiMaggio would have chosen to play the love of his life if he were still alive. The Yankee Clipper probably would have asked if Jayne Mansfield was available. And that would be an awkward conversation. (This is the last time we try to imagine how dead celebrities would answer questions 10 years after their death.)