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Mike Tyson Breaks Steve-O's Nose at Charlie Sheen Roast (Video)

Iron Mike's still got it! During the end of an exceptionally brutal Charlie Sheen roast on Comedy Central last night, Steve-O, the Jackass star known for stapling his nuts to his leg, thought it would be a good idea to get a running start and jump head first into Mike Tyson's outstretched fist.

And of course it was. Because that's what a good Jackass performer would do to put a proper end to a good night of television.

After the show Steve-O tweeted "broken nose!" confirming what his bloodied face lead us to believe as the credits for the show rolled by.

We're not sure how many times Steve-O has broken his nose, but we'd love to see a tally if someone has it.

So, does Steve-O need to do this sort of stuff? It seems like it's in his blood (which is also running down his face) for him to entertain with the physical comedy of a 21st Century Three Stooges. Whatever it is, we're glad he's here for us. God bless you, Steve-O.