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Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter Break Up

Derek Jeter, the New York Yankees' captain and star shortstop has ended his three year relationship with the mega-sexy Minka Kelly, the Friday Night Lights actress.

Derek Jeter, who's known to date some of the world's hottest women (at one point, he had dated seven of the top 20 women to appear on Maxim's Hot 100 list), will no doubt have any problems finding love. Or at least someone who will love him.

The reason  for the split isn't known yet, but we should take a second to appreciate Derek Jeter's ability to keep his relationships quiet.

Minka Kelly, who's been in (500) Days of Summer in addition to Friday Night Lights, was a big star before she dated Jeter, and once their relationship started he managed to keep her out of the papparazzi spotlight. Maybe Derek should run a class for other celebs on how to keep their private lives private.

Jeter is arguably the most popular and famous man in New York City. Despite A-Rod's larger paycheck, no is more loved int he Big Apple than Jeter. He has been linked to and has dated celebs for the last 15 years and yet he's never been caught in any scandal or exposed doing anything that could remotely be used against him in the tabloids.

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Who is he? The Invisible Man?

He's dated Mariah Carey, Adriana Lima, Jessica Alba, Lara Dutta, Vannessa Minillo, Jessica Biel (he does like the Jessica's), Rachel Uchitel and Jordana Brewster just to name a few. You'd think there would be papparazzi huddled outside his apartment with telephoto lenses trying to get photos of him and whichever hot woman he's dating doing something naughty.

And yet, you never heard anything about one of the greatest Yankees' of all time.

And while his Yankee teammates and guys like Tiger Woods get caught in giant news-dominating scandals, Jeter manages to be the most popular man in New York dating super-celebs and is never once photographed getting into an elevator with some floozy or busted sexting with Casino waitresses.

Way to go, Jeter. We know his next girlfriend will be someone famous, but we also know we won't hear about the Captain's private life, either. That's also why he's one of the classiest celebrity athletes (and celebrities in general) of the past 20 years.