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Ndamukong Suh Suspended Two Games Without Pay

Ndamukong Suh has been suspended for two games without pay for his action against the Green Bay Packers Evan Dietrich-Smith on Thanksgiving Day.

Suh, who pounded Smith's head into the ground three times, before stomping on him while he was lying on the ground was ejected from the game at the time early in the third quarter, making the real total of this suspension about two and a half games.

It is unclear if Suh will appeal this ban, but the Lions have a very important game against the New Orleans Saints this week. If Suh is unable to appeal, and then play in this game, it will be a serious blow to the Lions, who will be going up against Drew Brees, who just threw 5 TD passes against the Giants and has been in consideration for the NFL's MVP.

Suh's stupid play will be a huge factor if he's unable to play. To get Brees off his game, you have to pressure him up the middle, which is one of the things Suh does better than anyone in the league.

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If Suh's unable to play, and the Lions lose this game, they will most likely be on the outside of the playoff picture and looking in. This is another chapter in Ndamukong Suh going from hard-nosed player who plays on close to the line, to a dirty player who's selfish reactions not only cost his team a game or two, but could cost them a chance at the playoffs.

Accroding to Darren Rovell, the two-game suspension will cost Suh $164,000.

The next question is how does the Lions coach, Jim Caldwell, deal with Suh. The line between being a tough football player and a dirty football player is very thin. And for a coach, you always want a player playing as close to the line as possible. Some of Suh's fines in the past have been borderline, given the NFL's new harder stance on helmet-to-helmet hits and tough play. And I'm sure that Caldwell has given Suh some leeway in the way he's played.

But what Suh did against the Packers was very different, and Caldwell needs to find a way to get Suh to come back to playing like a tough football player, instead of a dirty one. If he's able to do that, Suh can be a dominant force in the league.

But if he's not, Suh will be watched much more closesly given his histroy and will be scrutinized more than other players. The same thing happened to James Harrison. Can Suh get his image back? Time will tell.