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Orlando Brown, Former Browns and Ravens Lineman Found Dead at Age 40

Orlando Brown, the former Cleveland Browns football player who was best known for his run-in with a referee who accidentally threw a flag in his eye was found dead in his home, sources confirmed.

Brown suffered the eye injury in a 1999 game agains thte Jacksonville Jaguars when referee Jeff Triplette threw a penalty marker in his direction. The marker went through his facemaks and hit him directly in the eye.

Triplette profusely apologized (it was an accident), and all seemed well and good, until a few minutes later when Brown went into a rage and attacked Triplette, knocking him to the ground.

Brown was suspended for three games (a suspension which was later overturned), but he had difficulty recovering from the injury. He subsequently sued the NFL and was forced to sit out for three seasons. He signed with the Baltimore Ravens in 2003 and played a couple more years before retiring in 2005, where he went on to launch the first Fatburger franchise in the state of Maryland.

The cause of death is unknown at this time.