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Peyton Manning Officially Done For The Season Owner Says

That's it for Peyton Manning. According to Colts owner Jim Irsay, Manning is officially done for the season after having his third neck surgery three weeks ago.

And while this is no real surprise, it finally puts to rest all the talk of him coming back on a white horse to save an abysmal Colts season.

Irsya went on to say that Manning won't even begin practicing until December. At that point he Colts could have a record of 0-9 to 0-12. Or if they're lucky, maybe 1-8. (OK, so they looked better last night against the Steelers, but let's face it, this team isn't going to make the playoffs this year.)

But as difficult as this must be for Colts fan to hear, it must also be cathartic, too. They can now accept the inevitable and let go of a season. And let's face it, no one's going to feel too sorry for them. They've had an amazing run of 10-win seasons, endless playoff runs and a Super Bowl to top it off.

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Welcome to being everyone else, Colts fans (Note: This does not apply to Patriots or Steelers fans.) What you are about to experience is known as "being a normal sports fan." Most teams don't win 10 games every year. Most teams also don't make the playoffs. And most teams, at numerous points in the season, have a seething, irrational hatred of their quarterback.

Welcome to despair. Welcome to frustration (yes, you've known frustration, but rarely in weeks 1-16.) Welcome to bitterness. But most importantly, you're now free. ONce you give in to mediocrity, you're expectations are so much lower. Didn't last night's decent showing against the Steelers feel good? If Peyton Manning was playing, that would've been a  crushing defeat. But now, it's not so bad, right?

Get used to this, Colts fans. It's going to be tough, but if you don't expect too much, then this season will be far more enjoyable than all those other ones where you lost to Brady or too an L in the Super Bowl. Trust me. It's all about managing expectations.