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Raiders Make An Oopsy; Trade Two First Rounders To Bengals for Carson Palmer

Carson Palmer is finally out of retirement and no longer a Bengal after the Al Davis-less Raiders traded two first round draft picks (one of them conditional) to Cincinnati.

I guess Al Davis lives on.

Let's get this straight. The Oakland Raiders gave up two first rounders (ostensibly selling their future) for a quarterback who hasn't played in over a year. And when he did play the last two years, he wasn't actually "good."

Jason Campbell, who had performed great in 2011 for the surprise Raiders, and has been part of their early season success may only be out for six weeks. Even if he's out for the season, it's going to take Carson at least a month to get up to speed and learn the Raiders' offense. 

And it's not like Carson Palmer is Peyton Manning even when he has the complete grasp of an offensive scheme. After his injury three years ago, he was never the same quarterback he was in his early years in Cincinnati. Two first round picks seems like an insane price to pay, when you could probably have gotten Bruce Gradkowski--a QB who knows the offense and can fill in while Campbell is out--for a song. 

From a fan's perspective, it is nice to know that the Raiders are doing everything they can to win now. But guess what, Carson Palmer doesn't make you better than the Patriots, 49ers, Packers or Steelers. In fact, I'm not sure he makes you better than the Rams. 

And so, when you don't actually win after raiding your future drafts, you're left with a team that will wallow in mediocrity for a long time. Just ask the Chicago Bears. They went out and spent a lot of draft picks on a quarterback thinking it would get them over the hump. It did not. Sure, they got to a Conference Championship last year, but anyone who saw the Bears play last year knew they got lucky with more than a few wins (and Cutler wasn't what got them there). And because they had no draft picks to build up their offensive line or go get a top-rated receiver, they will be a .500 football team for the foreseeable future.

But someone should finally congratulate Mike Brown, the stubborn owner of the Bengals, who finally saw the error of his ways (or was given an offer that even he couldn't refuse). Maybe turning down two first rounders for Ochocinco two years ago only to see Ochocinco turn into an Ocho-ty year old man in front of his eyes made Brown realize that it's smarter to get something for nothing, than stick with nothing sitting on a couch instead of playing football.