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Report: Brett Favre Would Consider Becoming a Chicago Bear

You knew it was going to happen sooner or later. An NFL season couldn't go by without a little Brett Favre drama, could it?

With the Bears floundering under the services of Caleb Hanie, and going 0-2 since Jay Cutler went down with a broken thumb, Chicago is desperately in need of a serviceable quarterback.

And now they might have one who's interested. According to Adam Schefter, Brett Favre would listen if the Chicago Bears made a pitch for him to come out of retirement. According to Schefter's Twitter page:

"A source familiar with a certain QB in Mississippi told that that QB would listen if the Bears made a pitch."

And here comes the circus. The Bears are dying for a quarterback. In his Monday press conference, head coach Lovie Smith said that Caleb Hanie was their quarterback. Which, is not what Bears fans want to hear.

So with news that Brett Favre would listen to the Bears if they made an offer, what are the chances that this will happen, or that it's even a smart move.

But could Brett Favre come in and learn Mike Martz's system in time to get the Bears back into the playoff hunt? Do the Bears want the drama and soap opera that seems to follow Favre around everywhere he goes.

Also, the Bears aren't known for throwing around dollars. The Vikings lured Brett there with giant piles of money. The Bears still haven't paid their MVP-caliber running back Matt Forte. What kind of message would it send to a team if they gave Favre a giant contract to come in and play a few games this season.

And on top of it, what happens if the Bears sign Favre, he does lead them to the playoff promise land, and Jay Cutler comes back from his thumb injury. That's a quarterback controversy that would get ugly, even if Favre was one of Cutler's heroes.

And to add even more the drama, the Green Bay Packers play the Chicago Bears in week 16 on Christmas Day. The Packers could be undefeated at that time and playing a Favre-led Bears team. The Internet would completely explode if that occurred.

Let's see where this plays out, but Chicago fans must be torn at the thought of having their arch nemesis don a Bears jersey. But at the end of the day, Caleb Hanie isn't the answer, so pick your poison. A hated Favre who might get you to the playoffs, or do you throw in the towel and let Hanie lose the next four games?