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Sam Bradford Signs Poster For Crying Girl (Video)

Sam Bradford is handsome. In fact he's so handsome that just by signing a piece construction paper sign with the words "Marry Me Sam Bradford" made the girl who created said sign burst into tears (although she may have already been crying because she was so close to Mr. B.) The St. Louis Rams quarterback is just one year in the league and he's already making girls weep. I haven't seen any girls crying over Tom Brady, have you (unless you count the ones who burst into tears after seeing Tom's dancing).

If Sam's already doing htis as a rookie, just imagine what he's going to do after a few years under center. Will all females in the Loge and Club levels become spontaneously pregnant due to their proximity to Sam? And what happens if he wins a Super Bowl? Be warned St. Louis-area husbands. You may want to sell your season tickets now.