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Seton Hall's Peter Dill is the Ultimate Bench Warmer (Video)

Seton Hall's Peter Dill can teach all the bench warmers out there a thing or two about riding the pine. He made ESPN's Sportscenter just by going a little nuts with his post-basket celebrations from the bench. And the best part, is he had nothing to do with any of the baskets he's celebrating.

He got a little notoriety last year when he went nuts with the Aaron Rodgers belt celebration, and it looks like he's continuing it this year as he broke out a few new celebratory moves against UConn this year. This year's celebrations range from a whipping fist pump to a sort of dice-rolling fist pump (he's into the fist pumps, but then again, what else are you going to do once you've exhausted the  belt dance?)

But his best move was the Thor Hammer he broke out after a couple big baskets. The smashing of a giant, invisible hammer on the floor was the cherry on top. And Seton Hall won. So maybe there's something to his sideline celebrations.