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St. Louis Rams Rules Parody Is Better Than The Original (Video)

St. Louis "Ram Rules" Round Two from on Vimeo.

A few weeks ago, the St. Louis Rams came out with one of those cheesy, produced videos that was called "Rams Rules" where a bunch of people from the Rams marketing department thought it would be funny if they put a bunch of jokes and buzz words that people in marketing departments find funny and interesting and made a video. 

The video was a bunch of guys dressed in pseudo-wrestling gear screaming that Rams fans who attend games are the "12th Ram" (a play on the 12th man, get it?). Anyhoo, they had a bunch of"wacky" rules that Rams fans should follow to properly amp up the crowd during Rams games.

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Well, someone found the Rams Rules video as stupid as everyone else did and made this video that is much more awesome than the original. Enjoy.