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Stanford Player Decks Teammate In End Zone of Fiesta Bowl (Gif)

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During the Fiesta Bowl between Stanford and Oklahoma State, this little gem occurred after a kickoff. Jeremy Stewart doesn't think that Ty Montgomery should take the kickoff out of the end zone.

Ty Montgomery thinks he should. Then, as he's running out Stewart says "No, you will not" and decks him before he makes his way out of the end zone. If you watch the tape, it doesn't look like Montgomery would have made it past the 5 yard line, so Stewart essentially saved Stanford 15 yards on his heads up play.

Oklahoma State went on to win the Fiesta Bowl 41-38 in overtime (after Jordan Williamson, the freshman Stanford kicker missed a game-winning field goal, and then another in overtime). But this play may be the one that stands out when people talk about this game.

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