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Terrell Owens 911 Call Was Suicide Attempt, Report Says


Terrell Owens, the enigmatic free agent wide receiver apparently attempted suicide earlier this month.

Owens was in the news when he was rushed to a hospital in early October after overdosing on prescription pills. According to new reports released by, the 911 dispatcher who took the call was speaking to Owens' personal asisstant. When the dispatcher asked if this was a suicide attempt, the personal assistant responded, "Yes, I believe so."

And if you recall, Owens was rushed to the hospital five years ago with a similar pill overdose. You may remember it because during the press conference after TO's incident, there were similar questions about whether it was a suicide attempt back then. And his manager responded with the gaudy and sort of disgusting "Terrell has 25 million reasons not to be alive." Clearly that response is a diversion, trying to distract the media away from the real issues that Owens was dealing with.

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So now we have two questionable incidents of Terrell Owens at best just mismanaging his prescription pill use, and at worst (or saddest) attempting suicide. How long before someone should take the reigns of this situation and get h im the help it seems clear he really needs.

During his recent much-publicized workouts, his agent Drew Rosenhaus was all over the media talking about how much he's trying to get the best deal for Terrell. It seems like if he really cared about Owens, he would do something about this pill/suicide trend that's happening in his life.

Owens clearly has issues with himself and others. And it's scary to think of what will happen to him when he doesn't have football to drive him anymore. Recent reports about Walter Payton's struggle with post-football depression and suicide talk are very reminiscent of Owens' issues. 

The difference is that Payton was able to hide his demons from the media, but Owens, on the other hand can't seem to, which means he could be an even bigger danger to actually committing suicide. Suicide seems to be a much larger issue in the post-athlete world than we know about. If the indescrutctible Walter Payton had these demons, then imagine what some of the lesser known players have to deal with?

Instead of worrying about signing Owens to a new NFL team, someone should step in and take care of his bigger issues before something really bad happens to him.