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Texas A&M Slams Florida With In-Your-Face Billboard

Texas A&M opens SEC play against Florida this Saturday, but the Aggies aren’t waiting long to introduce themselves to the rest of the conference.

This billboard popped up in Gainesville recently, featuring the phrase “You’ve been annexed by Aggie Nation.”

Needless to say, it’s pretty brash talk from Texas A&M – a school that has yet to play its first SEC contest. The billboard also features the phrase “Real Football. Real Tradition.”

And this gem: “The Cleanest Program in the SEC.”

In the conference of secondary violations, it's a nice way to welcome yourself to your new SEC foes.

The billboard is all fun and games and probably means nothing for Saturday’s game. However, it’s definitely a welcome to the SEC moment for Texas A&M – and the Aggies aren’t backing down from anyone.