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Tiger Woods' Ex-Caddy Talks "Wasted" Time

Two days after news broke of the split between golf's former top player and his longtime caddy, Steve Williams is still upset at Tiger Woods. And he's still telling the press all about it.

Williams told the New Zealand Herald that he feels he's "wasted the last two years of [his] life" waiting around for Woods to get his body and mind back in working order.

After staying with Woods through the disintegration of Tiger's marriage and reputation, Williams called the timing of his termination "very poor."

"Realistically I could look back, and I've wasted the last two years of my life because he's played infrequently, he's been injured and played poorly. I was prepared to hang in there through thick and thin so I find the timing extraordinary," Williams told the newspaper.

The firing was actually done weeks ago, but both men kept the decision quiet until after the British Open, not wanting to be a distraction to Adam Scott, whose bag Williams has been carrying this summer.

Williams and Woods were the best men in each other's weddings, and Williams' wife was a good friend of Tiger's ex Elin Nordegren.

For his part, Williams is no stranger to controversy. At the 2002 Skins Game, he hurled a fan's camera in a lake after the spectator took a picture during Tiger's swing. Also, at a December 2008 charity event, Williams caused a flap by calling Phil Mickelson a "prick."

Caddying for Woods has made Williams a millionaire, earning $1.27 million in 2007 alone for carrying Tiger's clubs. Still, for Williams, his reaction to his firing is based not on money, but respect.

Williams told the Herald, "Obviously I lost a tremendous amount of respect for him ... and I told him that he had to earn back my respect. Whatever respect he may have earned back, he's just lost."

--Scott Henry (Twitter: @4QuartersRadio)