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Tiger Woods Has Hot Dog Thrown At Him

Tiger Woods is used to throwing hot dogs around, so it was ironic when a fan at the golf event ran onto a green and threw a hot dog at the controversial golf star.

Whether the hot dog was supposed to symbolize Woods' philandering ways, is yet unknown.

The fan, yelled a few things, which were indecipherable, tossed the dog and then laid down, waiting to get arrested.

He was never close to Tiger at any point in the ordeal. But the biggest travesty in this whole thing is that there is no video of the incident. In this day and age, that seems almost impossible.

According to Woods, who was trying to putt at the time, "I could hear the security behind me. I was still bent over my putt. And when I looked up (the hot dog) was already in the air."

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The man arrested in the incident was 31 years old and from nearby Santa Rosa and he expressed remorse for tossing the dog.

Is it just me, or does golf need more drunken idiots to spice up the game? With Tiger Woods fall from grace coinciding with his game's fall as well, golf just isn't that interesting as it used to be.

Remember golf before Tiger Woods' star came along? Of course you don't because you didn't watch golf back then (unless you're a 60 year old man, then maybe you watched it.)

Golf needs excitement. And what tells you everything you need to know about the state of the game, the hot dog throwing incident involving Tiger Woods is getting much more press than the fact that some guy (named Bryce Mulder) actually won the tournament we're talking about.

If Tiger can get his game back, then interest in the game will come back, too. Until then, we'll have to hope for more hot dogs.