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Tim Howard Scores Insane 100-Yard Goal (Video)

Goalies are used to getting goals scored on them, as opposed to scoring them, but Everton's goalie Tim Howard blasted a kick from his own goal line in a game against Bolton, it went high into the air, took a perfect bounce and sailed into the goal over the opposing goalies head.

And now, Howard feels bad about his spectacular (if albeit a bit lucky goal.) 

“It's not a nice feeling for a keeper. It's really awful actually,” Howard told Sky Sports. “For the back four and the goalkeepers at both ends, there was an awful wind swirling. You could see everybody was mistiming balls. Defenders were missing clearances that normally they would put up the field. I think the wind is the hardest condition to play in. Snow, rain, sun doesn't matter, but the wind really does play tricks on you.”

Howard said he spoke with Bogdan after Everton's 2-1 loss to Bolton.

“I let him know that I was feeling for him,” Howard said. “It's not a nice place to be. I've been there before, a long, long time ago, and that was why I didn't celebrate.”

How many offensive players would apologize to the goalie they just scored on? Probably zero, but that's what happens when you truly know what it feel like to be in the other guy's cleats.