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Tim Tebow Makes Absolutely No Sense

Tim Tebow makes no sense. By all account the Broncos quarterback flat out sucks. I know the Tebow-backers don't want to believe it and point to his 7-game winning streak in the middle of the season as proof that he has that special intangible that doesn't show up in the box score and makes him a winning quarterback. Which is what really counts (they say), forgetting about the Bronco defense and kicking game that had a much larger hand in that winning streak than Tebow.

But up until the second quarter of the Broncos playoff game against the Steelers, Denver hadn't scored a touchdown in 22 drives. 22! This is a player in his second year. This is a player who is an alternate in the pro-bowl based solely on his myth than his reality. He sucks, right? Right?

Wrong, I guess. Because he destroyed the vaunted Steelers defense, which was the #1 overrall ranked defense in the NFL this year for 185 yards (in the second quarter alone) tossing one touchdown and running for another. It's not often ANY quarterback makes the Steelers defense look confused and out of sorts. But Tim Tebow managed to do that in the second quarter of this playoff game.

After Tebow launched four passes of 30 yards or more, Pittsburgh's cornerbacks and safeties were left looking at each other and pointing fingers.

So how do the pundits explain this performance by Tebow? The thing is, they can't, and they end up looking exactly like the Steelers secondary, pointing fingers at each other and shrugging their shoulders.

So which Tebow will show up in the rest of this game, playoffs and career? You can't have a quarterback score zero touchdowns in 22 straight quarters and hope for one explosive quarter in every 5 games. Even if it is a playoff.