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Tim Tebow Won't Be A Saviour In Denver

Tim Tebow has a knack for not going away. With Kyle Orton continuing to struggle, and fans begging for Tebow Time to start in Denver, head coach John Fox finally gave in and benched Orton during the Broncos game against the Chargers.

And now, with the Broncos on a bye week, it seems that the Tim Tebow era is going to officially get underway in the mile-high city.

If there was any doubt left in your mind, the Broncos next game is on October 23rd in Miami, where there will be a special reunion honoring of the Florida Gators 2008 championship team, meaning the stands will be packed with Tebow supporters for his first start of the 2011 season. How much more perfect could that get?

And, of course, Tebow lead the Broncos to a near comeback with a 12-yard touchdown run and hit Knowshon Moreno on a 28-yard screen pass for another touchdown.

Tebow then lead the Broncos down the field in the last minute of play to try a hail mary that nearly won the game for Denver.

Sounds like the storyline for a quarterback on the verge of greatness, right?

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Well, if you look into the numbers a little deeper, you can see that Tebow didn't perform as well as the story may lead us to believe.

His stat line, 4-10 for 79 yards and a touchdown and a sparkling 101.7 quarterback rating looks both good and bad. The 101.7 and no interceptions looks nice, but the 40% completion rating isn't something you want to hang your hat on.

And when you break down his completions, they look rather pedestrian. The 28-yard touchdown pass was a screen. Those yards and touchdown were pretty much on the shoulders of Knowshon, instead of Tebow (Tim probably threw the ball 15 feet for that completion.)

And another of his 20 yards came on a spectacular catch by Brandon Lloyd. Which accounts for more than half of his yardage.

And while he deserves all the credit for his 12-yard touchdown run, it will be interesting to see if defenses who are preparing for him (instead of the statuesque Orton) will do a better job of stopping Tebow's legs.

Time will always tell with Tebow, and he has a history of proving the doubters wrong, but there's a reason John Fox was reluctant to put Tebow in the starting lineup. He does bring a spark, but he'll need to start bringing wins to Denver to turn the minds of his detractors.