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Tony Romo Has A Punctured Lung; He'd Be Stupid to Play Monday Night


Tony Romo is a man. We know that now. There's no discussion about his toughness or his ability to lead the Dallas Cowboys locker room after it was revealed that he had a punctured lung and two fractured ribs during Sunday's game against the 49ers.

He's tough, we get it. 

But there's a fine line between tough and stupid in the NFL. And if Tony Romo puts his longterm health in jeopardy to play on Monday Night Football, then that would fall in the stupid category.

When Romo came back in the game last week, the extent of his injury was not know. The team doctors knew he had a couple broken ribs, but they didn't know he had a punctured luing. If they had known that, there would be no way they would have let him back in the game.

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A punctured lung, much like cracked ribs, is an injury that can take a long time to heal. But the only real concern about playing with broken ribs is the pain factor. If you can play through the pain, then you can go ahead and play, there's no real long-term harm you can do to your body.

But a punctured lung is a totally different story. If Romo were to get hit the wrong way he could be put in a life-threatening situation. And while football is full of tough guys, it's just not worth it. Not for Romo's health, and it's not worth it to put the Cowboy's season in jeopardy.

It makes much more sense to give Romo another week to make sure he's healed enough to step on the field. Jon Kitna proved last year that he is a more than capable back-up. If given ample practice time he can be a slightly elevated game managing quarterback who can utilize all the weapons that the Cowboys have at their disposal on offense.

With Romo hurting this week (apparently rib injuries hurt more during the few days following the injury then they do right as the injury occurs), Kitna will already be practicing with the first team offense.

Let Kitna go in against the Redskins, and let Tony Romo sit this one out. We already know he's tough, don't put his life in jeopardy to prove it all over again.