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Torrey Smith Blows Up for 3 TDs in First Start; Is He Worth A Waiver Wire Add?

Torrey Smith had a career day on Sunday. And it happened to come on his very first start.

The Ravens wide receiver blew up for five receptions for 152 yards and a staggering three touchdowns. If the fantasy team you played this weekend had him in the starting lineup for some reason, you should probably quit fantasy football forever. 

So, with his explosion of points, Torrey Smith will be the number one added player on fantasy waiver wires this week. And he should be; catching lightning in a bottle is how you win fantasy leagues (look at Peyton Hillis and Michael Vick last year).

The other negative is that Torrey left the game with a tweaked hamstring (or it could have just been cramps from running all over the field.) Apparently the injury isn't a big deal, but keep an eye on this closely to see if it will affect his ability to play next week.

But let's not go overboard and blow your entire waiver wire allowance (if you're in a blind bid league) for Torrey. And here's why:

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1. Touchdowns are hard to predict.
Touchdowns come and go. They come in bunches, and then they don't show up for weeks. Torrey had three on his first three catches. And that's not going to happen again. (If it does, then I'll eat my hat.)

2. He averaged a staggering 30 yards per catch
That, too won't happen again. The touchdowns and yards per catch add up to a career day that even Jerry Rice would be hard pressed to duplicate. Torrey Smith is not Jerry Rice. That average will get cut into a third if Torrey has a good year. So keep your expectations realistic. Don't pay for a wide receiver who's on pace for 50 touchdowns and 9 billion yards receiving. Pay for a rookie with some upside.

3. Joe Flacco had a career day
In another hint that these kind of numbers won't last, Joe Flacco, the guy throwing to Torrey had the best day of his career with 389 yards passing. The stars aligned for Torrey on Sunday. 

So don't take all these negatives the wrong way. We're all for adding Torrey Smith to your fantasy team, but just make sure you don't overpay for him.

--Pete Thomas