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Victor Cruz Will Not Take No For An Answer

Victor Cruz has done everything he can to become a starting wide receiver in the NFL.

Whenever he's on the field, whether during a preseason game, in a starting role, filling in for an injured New York Giants receiver, or as a back-up, the guy just makes plays. He did it again this week with eight catches for 161 yards and a touchdown, while making a spectacular catch (since the NFL doesn't allow embedding, you'll have to see the video here)

So why isn't he a starter? He has blown up the last three weeks, filling the stat sheets with 369 yards receiving and three touchdowns to go along with 17 receptions.

And yet Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride says that Cruz is progressing at a "slow pace." I'd hate to see what a quickly-pacing Cruz would be doing. 500 yards receiving per game?

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But at some point, the Giants will have to come to their senses and admit that Cruz should be a full member of the first team offense. As the Giants continue to lose, it seems pretty clear that they need all the help they can get. 

With Manningham and Nicks still being the starters on paper, Cruz is definitely a wide receiver worth owning. No matter how many times the Giants sit him on the bench, or tell him he's not good enough, he continues to prove them wrong.