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Video of the Skycam Falling at the Insight Bowl

The Skycam fell onto the field during the Insight Bowl between the Iowa Hawkeyes and the Oklahoma Sooners. No one was hurt, but one of the Iowa players barely missed being knocked on the head by it and became tangled up in its wires.

It's surprising that this doesn't happen more often, with Skycam cameras zooming around almost every stadium in the country. These high wire cameras are attached at the very tops of the corners of each sports stadium, and while they provide very awesome views of on-field action, they are only help up by not-so-thick wires.

And these wires have to hold the strain of camera putting wear and tear on them as they follow the action on the field and fly from one end of the stadium to the other.

It will be interesting to see if more precautions are put into place to have other Skycam's around the country get checked more rigorously. Imagine if this happened in the middle of the last play of the Super Bowl and a Skycam "tackled" a player going into the end zone. Actually, that would be kind of awesome.