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When It Comes To Randy Moss, The Jets Should Learn From The Titans and Patriots Mistakes

NFL News: Randy Moss used to be a great player. It could be argued that he was the most gifted athlete ever to play the game of football. It can also be argued that he's not worth the trouble and baggage anymore.

Now rumors are surfacing that the New York Jets may be interested in signing Randy Moss to play opposite Santonio Holmes.

But that's not a good idea.

In the past, teams have put up with his antics. His on the field play let people and coaches give him a pass for his off-the-field problems. He burned his bridges in Minnesota, and then seemed to find a home with the New England Patriots, under the no-bull regime of Bill Belichick.

His time in New England seemed to be good for Randy. At least it was for a year or two. Then the wheels came off and the ego showed up just like it had everywhere else. But Belichick doesn't let any of his players become bigger than the team, no matter how great they are, and Randy was shipped back to his first team, the Minnesota Vikings. He was there for about 15 minutes before blowing it again, and getting claimed off waivers by Tennessee, where he should have given Jeff Fisher's team the one element they were missing to make a playoff run.

But that didn't exactly happen.

For reasons unknown (but easily inferred) Randy Moss didn't ingratiate himself in Tennessee, either. The rumor was that Titans owner Bud Adams wanted Moss, but Fisher wanted nothing to do with him. And he showed it with his play calls. Moss was supposed to open up defenses for Kerry Collins and Vince Young. But Moss was targeted only 17 times in his eight games as a Titans. Oh, by the way, the Titans were 1-7 after acquiring Moss.

And this is what is going to happen to the Jets. They aren't acquiring 1999 Randy Moss who will at least pretend to look like he's trying. They will get 2011 Randy Moss, a player who causes problems int he clubhouse, but does very little on the football field.

Moss was supposed to stretch defenses for the Titans, but he didn't. He was supposed to open it up for Tennessee's Kenny Britt. The truth was, Kenny Britt (a Moss jr in the "lots of talent, but not too bright" department) is talented enough and physical enough to open the field up for himself. A lazy, uninterested Moss did nothing to help put the Titans into playoff contention.

Sure, Moss may play a few games at the beginning of the season. But guess what will happen if Moss doesn't feel like he's getting the ball enough? He'll quit on them, just like he quit on every other team he's played for.