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Willis McGahee and Knowshon Moreno Injured; Lance Ball is Your New Best Friend

When Knowshon Moreno went down with a knee and Willis McGahee left with a hamstring in the Broncos weird win over the Chiefs, there was only one running back left on the team (not named Tim Tebow) to carry the league's heaviest rushing load: Lance Ball.

You should get to know Lance Ball because if there's one rushing attack you probably want a piece of, it's the Denver Broncos.

By now you know that Time Tebow completed only two passes in Denver's win over the Chiefs. And it doesn't take a brain scientist (or a rocket surgeon) to figure out that means that the Broncos are run first, second and third team.

The extent of McGahee's injury seems to be mild. According to reports, he could have come back in the game, but we all know how hamstring's can come back to haunt a player, especially a running back.

You can almost predict that McGahee's hammy will act up at some point on Thursday's game and cause him to miss anywhere from a few series to a quarter or half or more.

Knowshon Moreno, on the other hand, has already been ruled out of this Thursday's game against the Jets.

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Which leave Lance Ball as, at worst, the #2 rusher on a team that will run the ball 50 times. Even if McGahee is 100% healthy, Lance Ball will get plenty of chances. He proved he can carry the load against the Chiefs when he posted 96 yards on a whopping 30 carries. 

Tebow will get his share of carries, but I would look to Lance Ball as an easy RB#2 going into this week, even against a supposedly stingy Jets defense.

With the game against the Chiefs, Lance Ball had more carries in one game than he did combined all season. Which means his legs are fresh enough to take an extended number of carries, especially if Fox wants to lessen Tebow's load to try and lower his chances of getting injured.

We'll keep you updated on the status of McGahee, but with the insanely elevated number of rushes the Broncos call, the second option at running back could easily get more carries than the first option of more balanced teams.

And at the end of the day, you want your fantasy players to touch the ball as many times as possible, right? You can't score if you don't get the ball, and if there's one thing that's for sure this week, Lance Ball will live up to his name and get the ball.

Ball has fantasy worth until Moreno comes back. Even then, with McGahee's hamstring injury, it's a situation you want to keep close tabs on as the fantasy playoffs get closer.