What does Over/Under mean in sports betting?

Defining O/U, one of the most common gambling phrases.

What does "over under" mean as a sports betting term?


"Over Under" refers to the betting line on the total number of a certain statistic — usually points or goals scored — in a sporting event, with action taken on whether there will be more (the over) or fewer (the under) of that statistic. Also known as “totals” betting. Sometimes abbreviated as O/U.


Example: The Over/Under for Super Bowl LII was 47.5 points. The Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots, 41–33, meaning the teams combined to score 74 points. If you bet the over at 47.5, you won. If you bet the under at 47.5, you lost.


Usually, an NFL Over/Under bet is listed with a corresponding money line. For example: Over (–110) or Under (+110), meaning you’d wager $110 for the chance to win an additional $100 if you bet the over or wager $100 for the chance to win $110 if you bet the under.


It may also be listed as this shorthand abbreviation:


47.5 o –110

47.5 u +110


In this case, the first number is the Over/Under, the letter represents either “over” or “under” and the last number is the money line odds. Once again, the minus indicates wagering $110 to win $100, while the plus indicates wagering $100 to win $110.


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