100 Twitter Accounts Every Sports Fan Should Follow

Here are the 100 Twitter feeds you should follow if you consider yourself a sports fan

Twitter can range between being awesome and being the most annoying thing in on the Internet. To help sports fans figure out which Twitter accounts they should follow, we put together the list of the best 100.

This list contains everything from journalists to athletes to comedians. To make sure there's a broad enough apeal, we tried to keep it national (sorry, the guy who tweets about your high school football team didn't make the list). Feel free to let us know who we missed in the comments.

100. Athlon Sports, @athlonsports
Category: All Sports, College Football
Our Athlon Sports Monthly is the largest sport publication in America and our college football annuals have, at times, been referred to as “Bibles” by people who enjoy college football. And, hey, we made this list, so we should at least be on it somewhere.


99. Stephania Bell, @Stephania_ESPN
Category: Sports, Injuries, Fantasy
Her breakdown of player injuries goes beyond “probable” and “doubtful” to give you the expert’s take on what a torn Achilles means in layman’s terms.


98. Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, @SI_Swimsuit
Category: Girls
Sports Illustrated showed their social media genius by creating an account devoted entirely to their swimsuit issue.


97. Jim Irsay, @jimirsay
Category: NFL
The Indianapolis Colts' owner says a lot of awesome stuff on Twitter you don’t expect an owner of a professional football team to say. He also gives away free tickets to games, so there’s that.


96. Andrew Brandt, @adbrandt
Category: Sports Business
ESPN's NFL business analyst used to work in the Packers' front office. If you’re interested in the business side of sports, he’s someone you need to follow.


95. Adrian Wojnarowski, @WojYahooNBA
Category: NBA
Yahoo’s NBA guy provides a nice mix of news, links and anything else NBA-related.


94. Joe Sports Fan, @JoeSportsFan
Category: Humor, All Sports
If you like to laugh, follow this feed. If you don’t like to laugh, do nine shots of tequila, then follow this feed (after you puke).


93. Ken Rosenthal, @Ken_Rosenthal
Category: MLB
Fox’s MLB reporter breaks news and gives an insider’s take on the big stories in baseball.


92. Coaches By The Numbers, @CoachesBTN
Category: College Football
Coaches By the Numbers dives into college football coaching stats to figure out if your favorite coach is actually good at coaching. No other site delves in and analyzes the statistics of college football coaches like Coaches By The Numbers.


91. Fake Kyle Orton, @KingNeckbeard
Category: Humor
Fake Kyle Orton has a lot of awesome (NFSW) things to say. Can someone start a petition that makes him the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos?


90. Sports By Brooks, @SportsByBrooks
All Sports
Sports By Brooks' Twitter account is a mix of funny and juicy bits of news from the sports world.


89. Kyle Petty, @kylepetty
Category: NASCAR
NASCAR needs more twittering and less fighting (or more twittering and more fighting). Either way, Kyle Petty is the man for the twittering part of the job. On a side note, he seems to answer every tweet, so we suggestion hitting him up with ANY question you have (like the one below).


88. Mike Tyson, @MikeTyson
Category: Celebrity, Athlete
If you’re like me, you could listen to Mike Tyson philosophize all day. Reading his tweets is a close second.


87. Jay Bilas, @JayBilas
Category: College Basketball
If there's anyone on this planet who knows more about college basketball, I probably don’t want to meet them.


86. Rory McIlroy, @mcilroyrory
Category: Golf
Rory has sweet hair and a good attitude, and if you want to follow the biggest rising star in golf, you should probably follow Rory.


85. The League, @theleaguefx
Category: Humor
This is more a promotion of the show than the show’s Twitter page. If you haven’t seen the show, you’re wasting your TV.


84. Dave Telep, @davetelep
Category: College Basketball
Hardcore college hoops recruiting info.


83. Joe Lunardi, @ESPNLunardi
Category: College Basketball
I’m not sure if he coined the term Bracketology, but you should at least follow Joe in March so you’ll know which No. 14 seed will make it to the third round of the NCAA Tournament.


82. Paul Finebaum, @finebaum
Category: College Football
He’s sort of the Rush Limbaugh of Southern sports. (How’s that for a ringing endorsement?) But to put his reach and authority in the world of Southern sports in perspective, when the guy who poisoned the trees at Auburn wanted to let everyone know what he’d done, he called Paul Finebaum’s radio show.


81. The Sklar Brothers, @SklarBrothers
Category: Humor
The Sklar Brothers have a geniusly titled podcast called “Sklarbro Country.” They also tweet funny stuff about sports.


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