100 Twitter Accounts Every Sports Fan Should Follow (20-1)

Here are the 100 Twitter feeds you should follow if you consider yourself a sports fan

Twitter can range between being awesome and being the most annoying thing in on the Internet. So to help sports fans figure out which Twitter accounts they should follow, we put together the list of the best 100.

This list contains everything from journalists to athletes to comedians. To make sure there's a broad enough apeal, we tried to keep it national (sorry, the guy who tweets about your high school football team didn't make the list). Feel free to let us know who we missed in the comments. Here's 20-1.

20. Dan Patrick Show, @dpshow
Category: All Sports, Humor, Commentary
Dan and the Danettes put on one of the better sports radio shows on the airwaves. Their Twitter feed overrunneths our passion bucket.


19. Fan Graphs, @fangraphs
Category: Fantasy
The most in-depth fantasy baseball statistics site’s Twitter feed is like the "Moneyball" movie with more FIP and less Brad Pitt.


18. Chris Broussard, @Chris_Broussard
Category: NBA, News, Commentary
I’m pretty sure all the NBA news you’ve ever heard has originated from Chris Broussard.


17. Buster Olney, @Buster_ESPN
Category: MLB, News, Commentary
Buster Olney is a fount of baseball information. He probably also knows what a “fount” is. (Or is it font?)


16. Adam Schefter, @adamschefter
Category: NFL, News
It’s hard to pick a side between Mort and Schefty. We’ll put Schefty higher because he has more followers.


15. Trey Wingo, @wingoz
Category: NFL, News, Commentary
Trey Wingo doesn't get enough credit for being the smartest and funniest anchor on ESPN. This is my feeble attempt to give him said credit.


14. Paul Bissonnette, @BizNasty2point0
Category: Hockey, Humor
Paul Bissonnette plays for the Phoenix Coyotes and doesn’t take himself seriously. His twitter feed makes me want to go drinking with him (that’s the best endorsement I can give.) (Extra Parens: Paul, if you're ever in Nashville and want to go drinking, hit me up at @corygavinjones )


13. John Clayton, @ClaytonESPN
Category: NFL, News
The “Professor” knows more about football than you know about yourself. (By the way, the Professor says you’re “probable” for needing to drop 20 pounds.)


12. Ozzie Guillen, @OzzieGuillen
Category: Baseball, Humor
Back in the day, when he was using Twitter to unleash his special brand of Spanglish a lot more, Ozzie would have been #1 on this list. Now, he’s #12 on this list.

11. Kenny Powers, @KF---INGP
Category: Humor
Kenny Powers' Twitter is in. And you’re f---ing out. If you don’t know who Kenny Powers is, you need to immediately go out and purchase the first season of "EastBound and Down". (Not that you need to be told, but the language in this feed is slightly NSFW.)


10. Jimmy Traina, @JimmyTraina
Category: Humor, All Sports
Sports Illustrated’s Extra Mustard editor is a daily must read for sports fans or who like hot girls, funny videos, lists and weird sports news.


9. Jim Rome, @jimrome
Category: All Sports, Commentary
Read his Tweets with the classic Jim Rome delivery and they’re almost as entertaining as his radio show.


8. Rotoworld’s Football Feed, @Rotoworld_FB
Category: Fantasy Football, News
This is everything you need to know about fantasy football from breaking news to injuries to who you should pick up now that your first round pick is in a wheelchair. They have feeds for other sports, too, but since it’s football season, this is one's on the list.


7. Deadspin, @Deadspin
Category: All Sports, Commentary
It’s not just photos of Brett Favre’s penis. It’s photos of Michael Vick's penis, too.


6. Logan Morrison, @LoMoMarlins
Category: Humor, Athlete
The Marlins OF has consistently the best Twitter feed of any athlete in the whole Twitterverse. Our only concern is if he gets traded, it may have to change to @LoMoExpos.


5. Eric Stangel, @ericstangel
Category: Humor
The head writer for David Letterman tweets about sports (as well as dead squirrels on cars) and is a lot funnier than you (unless you're Eric Stangel).


4. Bill Simmons, @sportsguy33
Category: All Sports
The best part of Simmons’ twitter feed is that sometimes he’ll be overcome with rage and fire off a six-tweet series breaking down why both sides of the NBA lockout are complete idiots.


3. Onion Sports, @OnionSports
Category: Humor
The Onion is always amazing. This is their sports feed. That’s all.


2. Peter King, @SI_PeterKing
Category: NFL, News, Commentary
The ultimate NFL insider. I’m pretty sure the breaking news on Peyton Manning’s career, neck and hairline will originate through this twitter feed.


1. Darren Rovell, @DarrenRovell
Category: All Sports
CNBC and Versus sports business analyst consistently has the most interesting factoids and links around the sports world every day. More than just sports business info, his informative tweets give a context to stories that few other journalists give. 


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