15 Super-American Images to Get You Pumped For USA-Germany World Cup

You can almost hear the chants of U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!

If you’ve been following the USA’s World Cup matches like most Americans have, your attention is probably piqued at this point. At some time in the past two weeks, you’ve likely been surrounded by a bunch of friends or strangers chanting “USA! USA! USA!” or exercising their vocal cords after a GOALLLLLL!. You may have changed your computer background to a picture of Clint Dempsey, or maybe you’ve updated your homepage to FIFA.com. But if the insanity provided by the USMNT in its last two games hasn’t gotten your heartbeat racing in anticipation of the face-off against Germany, we’ve put together a bunch of images to ensure you’re in your patriotic prime in time for the big game.


Clint Dempsey’s flight into Brazil



A mash-up of all of America’s greatest claims to fame



A perfectly painted red, white, and blue feline



Abe Lincoln mounting a grizzly bear, machine gun in hand



U.S. Soccer fans drinking while decked out in their most American gear



Obama exercising those 2nd Amendment rights



Ben Franklin acquiring electricity from Zeus



Some guy cruising on a motorcycle holding a chainsaw overhead



A tediously colored handlebar mustache



The nation’s 1st president riding a bald eagle



George W. Bush with a strong chest bump



JFK surveying the moon on a cyber-unicorn



Teddy Roosevelt taking on Sasquatch



An expert display at your local grocery store



Reagan riding a Velociraptor



And a special bonus for our German friends


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