Ashton Kutcher's Other Uninformed Sports Tweets

Here are a few other tweets about sports from Ashton Kutcher

Earlier this week, Ashton Kutcher made a mistake over Twitter. Having not heard about the Penn State scandal, he tweeted "How do you fire Joe Pa? #insult #noclass as a Hawkeye fan I find it in poor taste". And then he was railed by his 8 million followers for not being aware of WHY Joe Pa was fired. How he hadn't heard about the scandal as of Wednesday, well, that's another issue. But because of his gaffe, which he's repeatedly apologized for, Ashton has quit Twitter altogether. That seems like a bit of a rash move (we all make mistakes), but we thought we'd have a little fun with it with a few more of Ashton Kutcher's uninformed sports tweets.






And here's a few tweets from history...




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