Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day: March 20, 2014

Rounding Up the Web's Best Sports Links So You Don't Have To.

This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports and entertainment posts on the web for March 20.

• Face it, you're not working today. Occupy yourself with these March Madness cheerleader photos while you wait for the games to start.

Here's a rundown of celebrity NCAA Tournament picks. James Van Der Beek likes St. Joe's over St. Louis in the finals. Warren Buffett's money is safe.

Mick Cronin sent Cincy fans a doctor's note excusing them from work today.

Aroldis Chapman had his face broken by a 110 mph line drive. Earlier in the week, Chapman had poked fun at Sammy Sosa with a little whiteface. This was God telling him that doctoring your face to look like another race is never a good idea.

Five legal cases represent the five gravest existential threats to the NCAA.

Michelle Beadle ate a cockroach on live television. Career's going well.

It was a tough Wednesday for Iowa coach Fran McCaffery.

• More proof that they do things backward in Australia: Watch a security guard teach a young Aussie baseball fan that he can get what he wants by throwing a tantrum.

Here's a bracket featuring the best Seinfeld episodes. The Strike (aka the Festivus episode) is woefully underseeded as a 7.

An in-depth analysis of the best fictional quarterbacks of all time. Uncle Rico at No. 10 seems low.

• Miguel Cabrera did a crazy spokes-video for PlayStation’s ‘MLB 14 The Show.'


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