Athlon's Essential 11 Links of the Day: October 21, 2013

Rounding Up the Web's Best Sports Links So You Don't Have To.

This is your daily link roundup of our favorite sports posts on the web for Oct. 21.


• It might be getting cold outside, but summer's coming in the Southern Hemisphere. In fact, the South African swimsuit issue hits this week, featuring cover girl Genevieve Morton (pictured).


• The refs played a big role in two of yesterday's most compelling NFL games. The Jets beat the Pats on the strength of an unsportsmanlike penalty. And Andrew Luck drew a critical flag with a soccer-worthy flop.


• Vontae Davis and the Colts defense managed to slow down Peyton Manning, even though Davis spent the week preparing for Tom Brady.


The Ohio State band did a pretty amazing tribute to Michael Jackson, moonwalk included. Too bad it's not 1988.


• Kickers are people, too: Colts kicker Pat McAfee destroyed Broncos kick returner Trindon Holliday. In Holliday's defense, McAfee's a lot bigger, and it sure looked like helmet-to-helmet.


• Jim Leyland is retiring. Let's hope he's celebrating in this manner.


• This guy screams chick magnet: Jorts, boots and two obnoxious calf tattoos, one of them dedicated to the Pittsburgh Steelers.


• A little gross, a little sad, but still funny: The Falcons brought in the hazmat team to scrub the locker room after the Bucs took their MRSA and went home.


• Week 8 in the SEC was bananas. Here's what happened.


• The slow wheels of justice: Sean Taylor died almost six years ago. The trial of one of his alleged killers starts today.


• In honor of Jim Leyland's retirement, here he is cussing out a young Barry Bonds in his Pirate days. (Obvious language warning.)




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