Saints TE Benjamin Watson Posts Heartfelt Speech About the Confederate Flag

Benjamin Watson is always at the forefront of social issues. 


During the Ferguson protests, the Saints tight end posted a moving speech regarding the situation and it quickly went viral. 


"Not everyone who embraced the flag embraced prejudice and supremacy alike," Watson said. He continued into past stories about the flag, and that not all people who want to keep it are bad.


"If we remove the Confederate flag from the State Capitol for any reason other than a change in the hearts of South Carolinians, we may as well leave it be. This is not the time for political statements and worrying about national perception. But if we, like my friend Frank, finally listen to the cries and concerns of those we say we care about, soften our hearts, and choose to lay our liberties aside to assuage the pain of our brothers, the only suitable option would be a unanimous decision to remove the flag from the public grounds at the Palmetto State Capitol. The past and it's people, as acclaimed or afflicted as they may be, should always be remembered. But it is difficult to completely "move forward" if painful, divisive icons continue to stand unchallenged."



It's hard to explain how I feel when I see the rebel flag. The emotional bucket overflows with anger, trepidation,...

Posted by Benjamin Watson on Monday, June 22, 2015


The full statement is worth a read.

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