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  • By Jasmine Watkins, 3 years 11 months ago
    Justin Forsett's season is done. The Ravens running back suffered a gruesome injury during a game against the Rams in which someone missed a block and allowed him to get thrown to the ground. The result is a fracture to the forearm that would lead one to assume he'll be effectively finished for the season. CAUTION: The video may be difficult to watch.  Ravens...
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 3 years 11 months ago
    Rob Ryan won't be missed in New Orleans, even less after this. The former defensive coordinator for the Saints was let go recently and while talking about his former team, he made a joke about Hurricane Katrina that perhaps wasn't in the best taste. "Everything in New Orleans is being blamed on me, including Katrina," Ryan said. It was visibly awkward for everyone on...
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 4 years 13 hours ago
    Antonio Brown is flashy in so many ways.  The important thing to remember about the Steelers wide receiver is that he also gets the job done. Brown catches a pass against the Browns and takes it to the house, but not without a little cherry on top for the fans. Now that's impressive. 
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 4 years 2 days ago
    A few guys in Seattle are tired of Jimmy Fallon's "NFL Superlatives." The Seahawks decided to give Fallon a taste of his own medicine by putting him on full display for their own set of superlatives. Russell Wilson, Michael Bennett, and more lay in on the late night host.
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 4 years 3 days ago
    Dez Bryant is having issues with the media yet again. The Cowboys wide receiver went off during an interview regarding the media and the way they report things about him. It's unclear who specifically Bryant is speaking of, but he was pretty heated about it. The reality is, Dez did go off on a couple reporters. Didn't like what they'd written/tweeted. It lasted a good 15...
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 4 years 1 week ago
    There was a scary scene out of Minnesota Sunday. During the Rams-Vikings game, Teddy Bridgewater began to scramble and ended up sliding to avoid a hit on the play. As he was going to the ground, Rams safety Lamarcus Joyner came rambling in and hit the quarterback up high. Bridgewater eyes were visibly closed and his body motionless. He eventually sat up, opened his eyes, and was able...
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 4 years 1 week ago
    For some reason, people just don't like Cam Newton. Maybe it's because the Panthers are on a roll right now, or maybe it's because he's always smiling. Whatever the reason is, Julius Peppers isn't here for any of Newton's antics. After the Panthers quarterback scores a touchdown, he always gives the ball to a young fan. When Newton scored in the second quarter,...
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 4 years 1 week ago
    Jimmy Fallon is back at it, making fun of football players set to face off in the upcoming Sunday night game.  The Eagles-Cowboys matchup is always one to watch, and on "The Tonight Show," it'll be hard to see these players and not think of these superlatives. 
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 4 years 1 week ago
    We all know that one sports fans who just so happens to always be on the winning side of things. This person is a bandwagoner or fair-weather fan, whichever you would like to call it. They've been a fan ironically since the team started winning. It's hilarious, and mildly sad at the same time. 
  • By Jasmine Watkins, 4 years 3 weeks ago
    The Colts ran a play against the Patriots that had everyone scratching their heads. On a 4th & 3 in the 3rd quarter, Chuck Pagano and the Colts' play-callers threw everyone for a loop with this unforgettable beauty. The Colts tried a unique formation on 4th down. It didn't work. #NEvsIND http://t.co/Eh0HXpFV00— NFL (@NFL) October 19, 2015 If you want the...