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Maria Menounos Will Be Wrestling in the WWE Again (Photos)

The Extra hottie Maria Menounos will be getting back in the WWE ring

Maria Menounos, the Access Hollywood and Extra hottie, is getting back in the ring for the WWE.

Back in 2009, Maria was part of a 6-girl tag team featuring Kelly Kelly, Gail Smith, Beth Phoenix, Rosa Mendes and Alicia Fox. We're not sure how big of a WWE fan Maria is, but it doesn't matter because her team kicked ass the last time she was in the ring and we will expect no less from Menounos this time.

The highlight of her last performance was when she slapped Beth Phoenix, a girl who outweights her by probably 50 pounds. But since wrestling definitely isn't scripted, we're pretty sure that show of courage was a testament to how well Menounos will do in her next go around. (We're hoping she body slams King Kong Bundy...if he's still alive.)

And Maria even got a little dinged up, saying afterwards:  "I kind of smashed my tailbone on that flip, but I got some ice on it and I'm fine," she said. "I told Vince, I want to come back with (wrestler) Maria Kanellis as 'The Golden Greeks' and come out to 'Zorba the Greek' music.'"

What Maria will be doing this go round still remains to be scene, but she tweeted out the news to her followers:

"Cats out of the bag-im goin back to wrestle in the wwe!!! Had my first training session be4 flying last night-lots of bruises!!!psyched!"

We're not sure exactly what her training session would look like, but we're guessing there's going to be some footage of it on Extra once she gets closer to the main event.

To refresh your memory on why this is good news, here are some photos from her previous WWE performance:

And for good measure, here are some Maria Menounos bikini shots.

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