15 Ridiculous BodyBuilding Photos

Some of these are fake, some are real, but all are ridiculous.

There are hundreds of pictures of totally insane and gross bodybuilders around the Internet. Some of them are real, some of them are fake, and all of them are ridiculous. Here are our favorites.

1. I wonder if he shops at "Big and Tall...And Insane."

2. Is it a good sign when your giant bicep is bleeding? (Short answer: No.)

3. Remember these scene in Men In Black whent he alien's head weas shrunk? Now look at the guy on the right.

4. Pretty sure he has that dog for protection.

5. "Does this bandana make my body look retarded?"

6. "Must...always...clench...everything."

7. Do you think he's looking in the mirror thinking "My arm is awesome." or "I've ruined my life."

8. I bet he was arrested by the GNC police for "forearm negligence."

9. I bet the guy in this ad for steroids is staring at his crotch and wondering where his testicals went.

10. According to Karl Lagerfeld, balloon arms are so 2011.

11. Just one question: How does he sleep?

12. Bubble man!

13. That's as far as he can turn his head.

14. Hey, wait, is that him sleeping? Question answered!

15. May want to chillax on the tanning spray, Chief. No amount of iron-pumping can take away your freakish face.

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